Cover and summary of my upcoming Klaroline fic!



Rating: M


Summary: It was Senior Prank night.  They were supposed to be having a normal fun night and making memories…but when a familiar face crashes the fun, Caroline will gain more memories than she had expected.

Thanks to Leah for this beautiful cover!

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‘You ran away from home?’
‘When I was about sixteen,’ said Sirius. ‘I’d had enough.’
‘Where did you go?’ said Harry, staring at him.
‘Your dad’s place,’ said Sirius. ‘Your grandparents were really good about it; they sort of adopted me as a second son.’

(and I know this set will probably be confusing to some people since a lot of people like Kristin Scott Thomas as Walburga but she’s always been Mrs. Potter to me)

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Daily reminder #3: "Caroline has gone through a lot of hardships but she still remains positive.” -selenaxsalvatore.

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Klausy missing his wifey and Mystic Falls.

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#caroline being a cutie while trying to run in her dress.

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